Our Story

Charlie Beads is an experiment in curating future heirlooms as timeless and evolutionary as nature. Founded by multifaceted artist Charlotte Hourston in the spring of 2020, Charlie Beads is an aesthetic universe inspired by a life dipped in sea foam and brushed by wildflowers — a life lived outdoors.

In many ways, Charlie Beads feels like the manifestation of a long held creative dream. The memories of Charlotte’s childhood glimmer with moments spent seaside, tucked away on the Sunshine Coast in her grandfather Chuck’s Smuggler’s Cove fishing cabin where she spent warm summers doing what came natural to her: beading friendship bracelets, collecting seashells, making friends with crabs and admiring their shells — little did five year old Charlotte know, she was gathering inspiration for a future visionary endeavor.

Designed in Charlotte’s Beachwood Canyon studio, sourced from worldwide vintage suppliers and handmade by family-owned Los Angeles ateliers, products by Charlie Beads honor the rawness of craft. 

Our objects are reflections of an inner world dedicated to preserving the tension between the wild and the elegant, the effortless and the intentional, the classic and the esoteric, the rare and the abundant — our products tell a story of conscious balance.

The sweet, simply drawn pair of Rabbits that serve as the Charlie Beads logo are an homage to 1999 — Charlotte’s birth year, and the year of the Rabbit. In Chinese legend, the Rabbit embodies the spirit of tender, gentle nature with a unique sensitivity for elegance and beauty. At Charlie Beads, a sensitivity to beauty lies at the very heart of our labor.

Charlie Beads is designed for the true individual. We seek to reimagine the everyday rituals around getting dressed and elevate them with deliberate, distinctive details.